A graduate of our school is:

An active Catholic Christian witness who:

  • Has a basic knowledge of Scripture, liturgy and the teachings of  Scripture
  • Practices the Catholic faith and  gospel values of compassion, truth, integrity, and service
  • Incorporates Catholic morals and virtues into life decisions
  • Expresses the Catholic faith through prayer, the sacraments and worship
  • Contributes to the welfare of others through service to family, school, parish and the larger community

A responsible citizen who:

  • Understands and participates in the basic duties of a citizen
  • Take responsibility for one’s own words and actions
  • Demonstrates a sensitivity to the feelings, beliefs, ideas, and rights of others
  • Expresses an awareness of social justice issues and works for justice
  • Respects oneself, others, and all that God has created, and makes choices which reflect this reality

A life long learner who:

  • Demonstrates content and skill mastery as outlined in the diocesan and school curricular guides
  • Shows self-motivation and a developed love of learning, and strives for academic excellence
  • Is competent in finding, analyzing, interpreting, and utilizing information
  • Communicates effectively, thinks critically, and applies problem solving techniques to life situations
  • Uses oral and written skills effectively
  • Demonstrates competence in current technologies
  • Shares his/her knowledge and helps others learn

An integrated individual who:

  • Accepts the challenges of life with dignity and composure
  • Understands the importance of making healthy life choices
  • Uses one’s gifts to better the world in which he/she lives
  • Takes initiative in leadership roles, takes direction while working as part of a team, and recognizes when each role is appropriate
  • Exhibits an appreciation for a wide range of fine arts and recreation
  • Demonstrates sportsmanship

A globally aware citizen who:

  • Respects and appreciates people of diverse cultures
  • Uses one’s abilities and talents to serve others in improving the economic, environmental, and social conditions that exist in the world
  • Learns from the accomplishments and mistakes of the past and is committed to the pursuit of peace and justice among people and nations
  • Keeps abreast of current events and world affairs
  • Has an age-appropriate knowledge of the functions of local and national government


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