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Mrs. Duffy’s Fun and Fabulous Art Lessons

Hello OLG Art Friends, I am super excited to have this opportunity to share with you some fun and new ways to explore your creativity while you are away from the art room.  Please make time to create what brings you joy!  You will find all sites have a little bit of something that will absolutely invite you to express your inner artist!  If you have siblings and even a parent who would enjoy some creative explorations, definitely invite them to join you on your artistic endeavors! Please, refer to the website under Art Instruction for updates and communication!  Love and prayers to all my families and fellow artists/Imagineers!


This is an excellent art website for children.  This site has hundreds of how-to art videos,  mostly drawing videos, but some painting, sculpture and even origami.  It’s super engaging for children!  Mrs. Hub and his family do the drawings themselves on camera so you get to see his version and then the kiddos version.  They draw everything from everyday objects to your kid’s favorite video game of movie characters.  A paid membership is optional and not necessary.

DRAWING NOW:   drawing

Another Art website friendly for children packed with tons of drawing videos for children.  Step by step video with the ability to see each segment of the drawing so you can go at your own speed.

Art Projects for Kids

This is a cute site very kid-friendly run by a legitimate art teacher!   It has a large variety of drawing lessons but also many crafts.  Cardboard, weaving and paper mache.  You can even browse by grade level and medium.


This cute site leans more towards art experiences rather than straight how-to-tutorials.  The projects are more about the artistic method and artistic experimentation than producing a specific finished product.  None of the art projects require unusual or hard to find supplies and they’re easy enough for kids to do on their own.

“Never stop learning… Everything you learn you will use somewhere”