Eighth Grade

Welcome to the 8th Grade Classroom Page!


     My name is Erin Mares, and my passion is teaching, inspiring, and challenging children to love learning. As a product of San Diego diocesan schools, I feel very blessed to continue the tradition of morally educating future leaders and working in a community where I can share my faith. Like my students, I am a "Life Long Learner." I am always on the lookout for new, meaningful, and creative strategies that enhance the classroom environment.  Most of all, I consider it a privilege to work with the junior high students as their journey at OLG comes to an end. 


     Eighth grade is an exciting and busy time that goes by much faster than anyone can imagine. Besides all of the academic pursuits, the eighth graders experience many other highlights. With their First Grade Buddies, they celebrate mass, promote community, participate in holiday activities, and attend "The Grinch." As servant leaders, the students model and strive to exemplify the school theme, “Walking with Faith,” which is introduced at the Back to School Mass led by the graduating class. The class also goes on a retreat and works on the goals they established as a community during the first week of school. At the end of the Power and Conflict Literature Unit, they visit the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles and use the visit as a catalyst into a Social Justice Literature Unit. Students work to create presentations that demonstrate their mastery of the Schoolwide Learning Expectations by connecting lessons learned at OLG to experiences and choices outside of school. As graduation approaches, the eighth graders reflect on the OLG experience thus far and look back on all the memories made here. The focus is on gratitude and begins with a student-developed prayer service that demonstrates their gratitude for all those staff members who have helped them on this journey. They celebrate each other at the Honors Convocation and publicly thank their parents at the Dinner Dance. Most importantly, they join together as a class one last time to appreciate God at the Baccalaureate Mass.


     At this exhilarating juncture, the students often look ahead to high school and all the new adventures that await them while trying to preserve the fond memories of their time here at OLG. I hope their previous lessons and the ones they learn at the end of this journey will help carry them through the start of their new travels to high school and beyond.


Tech Use "Tug of War"

Technology "Tug of War" during the Ray Bradbury Unit

"Fishbowl" Discussion
Fishbowl Socratic Seminar for "The Outsiders"

Collaborative Work
Collaborative Learning Activity

7th Grade Language Arts

Multicultural Presentation
Multicultural Presentation Group

8th Grade Literature

SLE Workshop
SLE Presentation Workshop

Team Building
Team Building Experience

Christmas Activity with Buddies

Buddy Rosary
Progressive Rosary

Fun Run Buddies
Buddy Action at OLG Fun Run

Prayer Service
Prayer Service

Ropes Course
Ropes Course

Eighth Grade Retreat