First Grade - Mrs. Schulte
It is December and almost 2018 in 1st grade and I have to say that I am very impressed with how far my 1st graders have come since August 23rd.  They are now "pros" at fact families, can read and do math word problems, figure out missing addend problems, and can successfully add 3 addend problems.  We will now move to hundred patterns, greater and less than, and addition/subtraction regrouping.  I definitely have some "budding" mathematicians in here!  Amazing!  Their writing skills have also improved tremendously since the beginning of the school year.  Simple 4 - 5 word sentences have turned into sentences containing several nouns, interesting verbs, and fun adjectives.  The boys and girls can also compare/contrast fiction and nonfiction stories and finding the main idea and the key details of a story is second nature to them now.  I look forward to the paragraphs and stories to come!  Now to their reading . . . WOW!!  The children continue to move up in the leveled readers and the expression and fluency in their reading is wonderful to hear.  It is so rewarding as a teacher to experience this growth with them.  Academically they are all making huge strides, however; what is even more rewarding for me is to witness their growth spiritually.  They are understanding that being a good follower of Jesus is more than just reading and learning about His life, but actually having a kind and loving heart to share with others.  This makes me smile!!