Science & STEM: Grades TK - 5

See our Science Newsletter for a peek inside what OLG students have been up to! Welcome! My name is Vicki Buck, and I am elated to be working amongst all the elementary teachers and students at Our Lady of Grace as the Science Coordinator. 

Science at OLG fosters curiosity, seeks answers through experimental trials, reading, observations, and utilizes tools to develop understanding. Science is an amazing experience here at OLG! Through a series of co teaching models, the homeroom teacher and I design learning experiences ensuring science is engaging and rigorous. In science, students have a unique opportunity to examine and question, experiment and engineer the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Vocabulary and concepts are collaboratively explored with hands-on learning through projects, experiments, and STEM challenges. With the variety of science experiences and STEM connections, a community of passionate, curious, scientific learners authentically emerges. Alignment opportunities within other disciplines, especially writing, elevates the depth of knowledge students have in providing OLG students to become true scientists in reporting and data analysis. Embedded within every unit at OLG is the examination of the human impact in sustaining respect and care for God’s gift of creation. 

OLG’s Science is an opportunity to stimulate and build upon students’ interests and I am delighted to be part of the science learning journey for TK-5.