Science/STEM - Ms. Mosier

Like all good things, everything must come to an end!

I can say that this was the best year of teaching that I have had and it was filled with many fun times and activities.  From creating genetic “bugs” out of candy, to creating bottle racecars that traveled due to a chemical reaction, to mapping out just how large our galaxy and solar system are, this year was one for the books. 

Though learning is never complete, my wish is that you all have a restful and relaxing summer!  Enjoy the sun and summertime!

If you feel you have free time and would enjoy some small science experiments at home, here are a few I would suggest!
            -Homemade ice cream in a bag
These and more can be found on various websites just like

A little about me!

Science, particularly chemistry, has been a passion of mine since high school and I hope to instill this passion in my students!  Learning is an ongoing process that will never be complete.  This world has so many new things constantly being discovered, and we should not take this lightly.  

‚ÄčI grew up in Orange County, California and moved to San Diego to obtain my Bachelors in Chemistry at the University of San Diego.  I graduated in 2015 and the following year I went to UCSD to obtain my M.S. in Chemistry.  In 2016 I received my Masters, the first person in my family to do so!  Recently, I received a single subject credential in Chemistry that I obtained from USD, along with a Master in Education.