7th Grade Learning Environment

​Welcome Back-to School!

Dear 7th grade Parents,

The school year is off to a wonderful start!  It has been a blast getting to know your children.  The students are settling into their routines and are eager to delve deeper into their learning.  Part of our community building is realizing and approaching each other as a classroom family and figuring out how to effectively work as a team.  

I am the mother of three adult children and happily married to my best friend- my husband.  I can now add the role of grandmother (boy is my hair showing it, yikes!)  My son and his wife had a beautiful baby girl 7 months ago.  I have taught in Catholic schools for all my 15 years of teaching.  All at the junior high level. This is my fourth year at Our Lady of Grace. It is indeed a joy to be able to teach young people.

In the coming months, the 7th grade will continue to grow as a school community.  We
have already begun setting the classroom environment by setting the standards by which
our classroom can be successful.  The students participated in several activities to help
them to identify the characteristics of an effective classroom.  In addition, they were able to
interact and share a little bit about themselves.  I have learned so much!

The classroom website is housed on the school's main site: olg.org > Classrooms > Seventh Grade- Mrs. Franklin.  Here you will be able to peek into the happenings in the classroom as well as you will find a link to the 7th grade Homework Hotline.  Please note that assignments on the hotline is populated by information as reported by the students. Students are still expected to keep track of their own assignments. No planners were issued this year as we decided to let students record their homework in the manner that fits their learning style.  (Some prefer actual calendars etc.)  If you have not already purchased one, please decide with your student the best method for recording their assignments.  

7th grade is an exciting place to be!  I look forward to seeing all of you at Back to School
Night which is scheduled for Monday, August 27th.  Rotations will begin in the 7th grade classroom at 6:30 pm.  I have attached a copy of the schedule.  

Yours in Christ,
Tori Franklin


Learning in an environment that is flexible!

7th classroom