Third Grade - Mrs. Buck

In third grade…

We ask questions, seek solutions, never give up, depend on each other, believe in ourselves...we are mathematicians, scientists, historians, readers, authors, and above all we trust in the Lord…

We Are OLG Class of 2023!

Meet the Teacher
I graduated from Sonoma State, received my teaching credentials from California State Fullerton and received my masters from Fordham University. Each educational journey has confirmed my commitment and passion for teaching. This is my tenth year teaching. I have been blessed to have taught a range of elementary grades throughout my career. Through teaching second, third and fourth grade, it has been a huge privilege in seeing the continuum of the standards, development of the child, and growth students make. I know where these third graders have come from and also know where they’ll be headed next. It's an amazing year and I am thrilled to be part of it!

Classroom Environment
In third grade content is engaging and challenging. Relevant investigations inspired by students and curriculum paired with explicit lessons provide a learning community that is rich in collaboration, questioning, research, vocabulary and understanding resulting in rigorous products
 and confident students. When students can equate content to real experiences the common core is not just being taught, but experienced and lived allowing knowledge to be enthusiastically accessible to all learners.  

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