Summer Reading Assignment

Eighth Grade READING Challenge


Directions: This summer, your reading challenge is to complete at least two of the reading tasks below. Instead of being assigned a specific piece of literature, you are allowed to read texts of your choice that fulfill the requirements. Place a checkmark next to each task you complete and record the title of the texts you read. Make sure you comprehend what you read(annotate/take notes if it will help you) because you will be completing two assignments and conferencing with me upon your return in August. They will be worth 25 points each. Any of the books you read starting this summer can go toward your year long assignment of completing 10 of these tasks. Books you have previously read will not count. Each title can only be used once. Keep this sheet for your records.

What to Read (Choose 10):

I read……

  • a New York Times best seller
  • a book set in a foreign country
  • a book about a historical event
  • a mystery or suspense novel
  • a collection of short stories/poems
  • a book written the year you were born
  • a book recommended by a friend
  • a book about social justice
  • a piece of nonfiction literature
  • a science fiction or fantasy novel
  • an award winning book
  • a book made into a movie
Enjoy your summer and keep reading, Mrs. Mares