2017-18 School Year

ABC & 123 Kindergarten is ready for the big school! This year the students worked in small groups practicing their reading skills. Their favorite part was reading the books to the group all by themselves.

Let’s highlight first grade…During Daily 5 lessons the students worked on Phonics skills. They loved to take notes in their yellow notebooks. It was also fun to read and highlight their phonics skills in their mini readers.

Let’s investigate third grade…on Fridays the students would have a math investigation. Using their math skills the students had to figure out how many pounds of turkey they would need for Thanksgiving. Then they expanded a turkey soup recipe to feed the class, making and eating it was the best part! During reading groups the students loved reading, discussing and making connections to current Newsella articles. My favorite time was during one on one writing conferences where students guided me through their writings. Then we would work together to improve their work through craft moves, and word choice. In the end they published their masterpieces.

Lumos! Let’s shed some light on fourth grade. This year the students focused on book studies. Their favorite was Harry Potter. The teacher extended their study to STEM where the students created potions.

No man is an island…fifth graders worked on Island of the Blue Dolphins during their books study. Their focus was working collaboratively to identify figurative language, plot, and characterization.

The junior high students who needed additional support worked with me in my classroom. They focused on executive functioning skills, vocabulary, and reading standards. I am very proud of their academic successes but most proud that they understand that they are responsible for their own learning.