Sixth Grade

Happy Summer!
While currently on summer break, we won't forget all the memories we've made and things we've learned in 6th grade. Take a look at some highlights from the year. 

Morning Meeting
Each day in 6th grade begins with a morning meeting. In this time, we establish that the classroom is a safe space for learning and socialization. We take the time to greet each other, share stories and successes, play a game or do an activity, and then a selected student leads us in prayer. We absolutely love this time together and think it's the most wonderful way to start each day. Not only do we love it, but research shows that this responsive approach is, "associated with higher academic achievement, improved teacher-student interactions, and higher quality instruction" (Center for Responsive Schools). This video shows a clip of one our our favorite activities: Coconut! 



We're currently working on our understanding of the number system. We work hard to study these concepts within the context of the real-world because we know that is where math is the richest and we can truly make our leaning valuable and relevant. We value learning from each other and are so blessed to have a full-time math aide with us so that we all receive the individualized instruction ensuring our success. 

Working on the board   Working on the board

We are always looking for ways to incorporate technology and do things that were previously inconceivable. One of our favorite tools is spark video. With this, we can take pictures on our chromebooks and record our voices over the work to practice justifying and explaining our answers. Here's one sample project complete by a group, explaining how to use equivalent ratio tables in order to solve a real-world problem. The first video I created as the task introduction, and the second is actual work completed by a team of students. 

language arts
Parts of a powerful argument

In 6th grade, we learn to write expository, argumentative, and narrative texts. We are currently in our argument writing unit, and working hard to support every claim we make with the strongest possible text evidence. In order to improve each students' writing skills on an individual level, students meet in frequent one-on-one conferences to address their specific needs. 

social studies
cave classroom

Our Social Studies class makes students a part of the ancient history they are learning about. One of our recent activities transformed the classroom into a cave and required that students go around looking at cave paintings, trying to piece together the practices of an ancient civilization.