Prayers to End School Violence

Prayers to End School Violence
Posted on 03/14/2018
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To be sure, when something tragic takes place, the natural reaction is to do something concrete to express outrage, concern and solidarity. Catholic schools are unique environments to express these deep emotions, and in doing so, we are also called to respect the dignity of all human life. In the face of these senselessness acts of violence on school campuses, our goal is to offer our students authentically Catholic and age-appropriate ways to participate in the national dialogue around school safety. As Catholics we believe this is a pro-life issue, and we should ensure that our faith is our guide in how we constructively respond to the emotion that surrounds the issue.

At Our Lady of Grace School, 10 of our 8th grade students penned the following meditations to be shared across campus throughout the day with intercom prayer. After each meditation, each class prayed the Hail Mary together.

8:00 AM

JULIA: Today is March 14th. This is the day that has been set aside to highlight the issue of violence in schools in America. We, the 8th graders, have decided that this is a prevalent issue and something needs to be done. Today we will pray for change.  As a school, we will be praying 10 Hail Mary’s throughout the day on the intercom, in order to commemorate the violence that continues to happen in our schools. We will preface each Hail Mary with a short meditation Please join us now in the first. When it’s time for the Hail Mary, please recite it with us. As we pray this first Hail Mary, let us acknowledge school violence in the United States and ask Mary to help us to put an end to the unnecessary violence in all of America.

NATHANIEL: During this Hail Mary, we ask Mary to intercede for us to her Son to lead the families who have lost innocent loved ones to violence’s destruction in schools to a place of comfort.HM

8:50 AM

We remember those who have witnessed violence in schools and been traumatized by those experiences.May they be strengthened by the knowledge that people of all ages are working to rid America of this violence.

10:00 AM

As we pray this Hail Mary, let us remember the teachers, first-responders, and other heroes who have sacrificed their lives to protect others in school.


Let us pray for those who have lost family, friends, or relatives during the incident in Florida. We pray that these broken-hearted can move through their grief, to comfort, to the realization that they will one day be joined with their loved ones in heaven with God. HM

12:30 P.M.

ZACHARY: Before the next Hail Mary, let us pray for all those who take care of victims of school violence in hospitals, in counseling sessions, in homes, with friends and in our churches.

1:10 P.M.

Let us remember those who are create suffering and violence in schools. We pray that they experience God’s unfailing love for them and allow Him to change their hearts from evil to love.

2:00 P.M.

 During this Hail Mary, let us pray that our legislators, school administrators, and other decision makers are guided by the truth, justice, and wisdom to make the most effective decisions concerning school violence.   HM

2:48 P.M

Let us pray for activists in this country, for all those who are ready to take action, that their decisions and actions are directed and guided by the Holy Spirit.

During this Hail Mary, we pray that Mary, the patron saint of our school, helps us to stay safe and sound, and keeps this violence from affecting us and all other schools and children across the country. Amen.

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