Seventh Grade


​A Little About Myself:
 I chose teaching in a Catholic school as my lifelong goal- my calling, vocation.  All my teaching experience has been at the junior high level, 7th and 8th grade.   Teaching at a Catholic School is both a blessing and a gift. I feel blessed to be part of such a wonderful community as Our Lady of Grace and I fully accept my evangelization ,mission as a disciple of Christ.   --- "God is good... all the time... and all the time... God is good!"

A Lot About Student Learning:
Learning should be engaging as well as challenging.  We learn by doing, therefore much of my curriculum is student-driven and hands on project based.  It is important that students who enter my classroom recognize and take ownership of own education.   We work in small groups, independently, and teacher guided groups to achieve a common goal- learning.  I will provide the tools and the fun, if you provide the effort and drive.  I seek to educate the whole child in academics, spirituality, and life lessons. 

Problem-Solving... and Collaborative Work Abound

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3 Act Math Task...

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Group and Partner work...

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Week of Inspirational Math... and much more!

Lemonade Math Task

Religion PBL


Team building



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