Advisory Council

The purpose of this Advisory Council is to support and implement the philosophy of Our Lady of Grace Parish School.  The aim of this philosophy is to integrate the teaching of gospel values with the total curriculum, and to create and maintain an environment where Christian living is experienced through liturgy, sacraments, and community social action.
The duties of this organization include:
  • Monitoring the fiscal condition of Our Lady of Grace School
  • Supporting the administration in recommending improvements to the physical plant
  • Advising and assisting in formulation of tuition policy statements
  • Acting as liaison between the school administration and parents
  • Seeking a better understanding and wider support of Catholic education within the local community
  • Assisting in short and long-range planning for the benefit of the school
  • Assisting in the review of educational matters when requested to do so by the administration
This council is comprised of five elected members, one member appointed by the pastor, and one PTG board member, determined annually, all of whom vote.  Each voting member, PTG board member excepted, serves for a term of three years. The pastor and principal are ex officio, nonvoting members.
NOTE: Only adult parishioners or parents of children in Our Lady of Grace School shall be eligible to become members of the Advisory Council.
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