A dynamic physical education program challenges students while emphasizing motor development, physical fitness, team cooperation, and sportsmanship. The extracurricular sports program fosters friendship, provides leadership opportunities, and helps the students develop a positive attitude toward sports and athletic competition. Questions pertaining to extracurricular sports can be addressed to Mrs. Susan Lemus, Extracurricular Sports Director at [email protected].

Extracurricular sports schedules can be viewed on the Catholic Sports League page.

Our Lady of Grace offers the following sports:


FLAG FOOTBALL (JV & Varsity) Grades 5-8
Girls VOLLEYBALL (JV & Varsity) Grades 5-8
Girls & Boys CROSS COUNTRY Grades K-8


Girls & Boys Pee Wee SOCCER Grades K-4
Girls SOCCER (JV & Varsity) Grades 5-8
Boys Basketball (JV & Varsity) Grades 5-8


Boys SOCCER (JV & Varsity) Grades 5-8
Girls & Boys Pee Wee BASKETBALL Grades 3-4
Girls BASKETBALL (JV & Varsity) Grades 5-8
Girls & Boys TRACK & FIELD Grades K-8
**Girls Cheerleading (all year long) Grade 8

St. Sebastian

The Physical Education department is represented by St. Sebastian. St. Sebastian was the son of a wealthy Roman family and was born in Narbonne, Gaul. He was educated in Milan and became a soldier in Rome, and a captain of the guard. He converted other soldiers and a governor, and boosted the spirits of two Christian captives who were awaiting their own martyrdom, in the time that he served as a soldier. Eventually, the Emperor came to hear of Saint Sebastian’s faith in Jesus and ordered him to be tied to as post and slain by arrows. Saint Sebastian was left for dead, his body horribly pierced and bleeding, but by virtue of his physical stamina and God’s will, he did not die. Saint Sebastian is the patron saint of all athletes, soldiers and police because of his physical endurance and his energetic way of spreading and defending the Faith. All kinds of people look to St. Sebastian in hopes of attaining like strength and endurance. His feast day is January 20th.

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