The league is mandating new regulations as a result of continuing abuse by spectators. Please be aware:

“We are still having issues with parent not following the facility guidelines. As mentioned before the referee will be stopping the game until parent can comply with those guidelines. Please inform all of your parents that “DOGS ARE NOT ALLOWED AT ANY OF THE FACILITIES WE USE” it doesn’t matter the size of the dog. If your school cannot follow the rules the following will apply: 1st offense: $50.00 fine 2nd offense: $100.00 fine 3rd offense: $250.00 fine. There is no purpose to have a team forfeit. These fines will be effective immediately. Please let all your parents know the rules.”

Facility Use and Sportsmanlike Guidelines

Please treat each of the facilities we use as if it were your own. Remember, in most cases, the gymnasiums and playing fields we use do not belong to us. We are fortunate to have the facilities we use and this should not be taken for granted. If we abuse them, we could lose them. Therefore, please keep the following rules in mind:

  • We are limited to the immediate area of the playing field or gym that we are using. Please do not let your students or other children “explore” the rest of the gym or the campus.
  • At Cathedral and Francis Parker, the stage area in the gym in off limits. We are not allowed to play with the basketball standards, gymnastics equipment or any football equipment on the field or in the gym.
  • NO FOOD OR DRINK is allowed in any gym. Water is acceptable.
  • All facilities are available 15 minutes prior to the start of the first game please do not show up earlier.
  • (This applies to Fields and Gyms)
  • Please leave all facilities as neat as you found them.

Realize that not every playing field will have a trash can, so if you are planning on bringing snacks or drinks, please bring a trash bag.

NOTE: Violation of any of the above rules may cause your team to be fined up to $250.00 and your school may forfeit the game. This is a severe penalty, however past abuses have almost cost us the use of a facility. If this happens again, we may no longer have a program. The league thanks you in advance for your cooperation.


Please remember that you are setting an example in behavior that the students and other children are likely to follow. You are encouraged to cheer enthusiastically in support of your team. However, keep in mind that it is considered poor sportsmanship to try and discourage the opposition from doing its best.
Therefore, it is requested that you:

  • Do not make noise in an attempt to hinder an opposing player from serving a volleyball, kicking a penalty kick in soccer, or shooting a free throw in basketball.
  • Do not direct negative or derogatory comments toward opposing players, their coach, or the game officials. Keep your comments positive.
  • Keep the field or court clear during timeouts (except for cheerleaders). This will allow games to restart promptly.

Everyone wants to win, but only one team will. Each game should be a positive experience for both teams regardless of the final score.

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