October 13, 2024

200 tickets will be sold at $100 each.
Each of the 200 tickets was assigned a number between 1 and 200. These numbers correspond to 200 numbers inside the raffle drum.
Numbers are eliminated until there are 10 numbers left.
The 10 finalists will be notified by phone and asked to decide if they would like to split the $10,000 prize or continue to the end.
In the event that one of the final 10 tickets is held by someone not reachable by phone, no decision can be made by the other remaining ticket holders to split profits. Numbers will be drawn until the missing ticket holder either wins or is eliminated by having their number called.
The winner does not need to be present.
The winner is responsible for all tax liabilities, and will be withheld from payout according to current IRS regulations.
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