Faith Above All

Faith Above All is the first Schoolwide Learning Intention (SLE) at OLG School. Faith is at the forefront of everything we do, so having a rigorous Religion curriculum where students experience their faith and develop the knowledge that will provide a foundation for a lifetime of practice is paramount. Students at OLG School attend mass weekly and have Religion class in school each day. The Catholic Church describes six fundamental, interrelated tasks for the work of religious education and faith formation. These Six Tasks of Catechesis lay the groundwork for Religion instruction and formation here at OLG School.
Knowledge of the Faith

Students learn about all that has been revealed through Jesus Christ and are initiated gradually into the whole truth revealed by Scripture and Tradition. Students grow to not just know "about Jesus" but to "know Him."


Liturgical Education

Students build an understanding of the Church's sacramental life and experience the signs, symbols, gestures, prayers, and creeds of the Church. Students learn how to actively participate in the liturgy.


Moral Formation

Students learn to live Christ's teaching in our everyday lives. This means bringing God's love into the world in both our private life and the public arena. Students practice and are guided through how to make moral decisions each day.


Teaching to Pray

Jesus teaches us how to pray with him. His whole public life- his preaching, ministry to the poor, and death and resurrection- can be seen as an offering of prayer to his Father. Students learn to model His witness by grounding our lives in prayer.


Community & Mission of the Church

Students learn that Jesus encouraged us, his disciples, to love one another as he has loved us. This means bringing his love into our families, neighborhoods, country, and to the whole world.


Missionary Spirit

Through their Religion class and experiences of faith at OLG School, students develop an understanding of how we fulfill our vocation in the world.

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